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Teachers of the Year

teach  children s blocks

At a special meeting on April 30, 2019 the Board of Education honored the following teachers as Teacher of the Year for their school, and district Teacher of the Year. Congratulations and thank you to all our dedicated teachers!

three women posing with a certificate

Murray and AUSD Teacher of the Year --
Cathy Hendrix

Dalton: Veronica Servin

Ellington: Barbara Sommers

Gladstone Street: Lori Bell-Ramos

Hodge: Diana Sanchez

Lee: Louise Salcido

Longfellow: Sylvia Alapizco

Magnolia: Donna Martyn

Mountain View: Christine Ramirez

Paramount: Doug Ford

Powell: Holly Rodriguez

Valleydale: Stacy Cuberly

Center: Scott Adin

Foothill: Christy Calderon

Slauson: Ann Augustyn-Clark

Azusa High: Michelle Rodriguez

Gladstone High: Vanessa Marinez

Sierra High: Adam La Munyon

AEC: Sylvia Takahashi

SERC: Deniece Reza