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Teachers of the Year

At a special meeting on May 1, 2018, the School Board honored the following teachers as Teacher of the Year for their school, and district Teacher of the Year.  Congratulations and thank you to all our dedicated teachers!

teach  children s blocks

Paramount, and AUSD Teacher of the Year --
Rose Herrera


Dalton -- Julie Eubanks

Ellington -- Lynn Salinas

Gladstone Street -- Yvonne Bui

Hodge -- Marianne Flores

Lee -- Lillian Ponte

Longfellow -- Liya Ma

Magnolia -- Denise Rising

Mountain View -- Maria Manzanares

Murray -- Vivian Morales 

Powell -- Danielle Arias

Valleydale -- Christi Dillon

Center -- Song Ye

Foothill -- Andrew Alvarez

Slauson -- Tracy Woods

Azusa -- Lanae Harper

Gladstone High -- Marvin Herbert

Sierra -- Tina Martin

AEC -- Rosa Valenzuela

SERC -- Michele Foerch