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District Technology Committee

2017-18 Site Technology Coordinators
 Dalton Elementary Diane Ruiz  and  Veronica Servin
 Ellington K-8 School Barbara Sommers
 Gladstone St. Elementary Carol Ferguson
 Hodge Elementary Alexis Wolf-Diaz
 Lee Elementary Laura Flanders
Longfellow Pre-K/Kindergarten  
 Magnolia Elementary Eric Klebow  and  Silvia Marquez
 Mountain View Elementary Mike Conger
 Murray Elementary Janet Short  and  Stacey Lopez
 Paramount Elementary Summer Lawrence
 Powell Elem. School of the Arts Johanne Peale
 Valleydale Elementary Christi Dillon
 Center Middle Rene Aguirre
 Foothill Middle Tim Bazyouros 
 Slauson Middle Dan Rashkin
 Azusa High Angel Clenney
 Gladstone High Bob Ranger
 Sierra High Barbara Klaus
Azusa Adult Education Veronika Delvaux
2017 - 2018 Committee Meetings

The District Technology Committee meets five times a year and is attended by the Technology Coordinators from each school site. Occasionally, special meetings are held as needed. All meetings take place at the Technology Resource Center located at the District Office and begin promptly at 3:15. The regular meetings scheduled for the 2017 – 2018 school year are:

  • Tuesday, October 3
  • Tuesday, December 5
  • Tuesday, February 6
  • Tuesday, March 20
  • Tuesday,  May 1