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Tech lab

M.I.S. / Technology

Kids with tablets

Managed Information Systems (MIS)/Technology works to effectively integrate technology throughout the curriculum and support student achievement.  We are committed to providing a stable computer infrastructure to serve the needs of students, teachers and administrators.


We use technology to enhance teaching and learning, provide efficient methods for assessment and diagnostics and graduate well-educated students who are college- and career-ready.

Site Technology Coordinators
Dalton Elementary Diane Ruiz and Veronica Servin
Ellington K-8 School Barbara Sommers
Hodge Elementary Carol Ferguson
Lee Elementary Rose Garcia
Magnolia Elementary Silvia Marquez & Donna Martyn
Murray Elementary Elsa Hernandez and Janet Short
Paramount Elementary Summer Lawrence
Powell Elementary JoAnne Peale
Valleydale Elementary Belen Pinedo & Stacey Cuberly
Center Middle Rene Aguirre
Foothill Middle Tim Bazyouros
Slauson Middle Dan Rashkin
Azusa High Angel Clenney
Gladstone High Randall Rogers
Sierra High Barbara Klaus
Adult Education Veronika Delvaux


Contact Us

Phone:    626-858-6520

Marvin Creech, Administrator - Technology and Assessment

Mario Venzor, Technology Supervisor

Denise Barcelo, Secretary