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Employees of the Month


We would like to recognize Bus Driver, Shirley Hedlund, as the MOT Employee of the Month for March.  Shirley first joined AUSD back in April of 1993 as a substitute bus driver.  Then in October 1995, Shirley was hired on as a regular Bus Driver for the district and she has provided excellent service in this capacity ever since.  Shirley is a driver that can be depended upon to perform her duties with the utmost professionalism and dedication.  

She is very skilled at developing and evaluating bus routes and Shirley has also performed transportation related administrative duties for the district in the past.  She always performs her job with a positive attitude and a respect for students, staff, parents and co-workers.  One thing is certain, when students or staff are being transported on a bus that Shirley is driving, they are in good hands.  Thanks Shirley and congratulations!

Dedicated Service

Our hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our services include building maintenance and repair, groundskeeping, transportation and cleaning/sanitation.

If you would like to report graffiti on a district facility or inform the District about a facility-related matter, please call (626) 858-6174 or email Tom McIntosh.



Project Spotlight

MOT continues to work on the upgrade of the Dalton Computer Lab.  MOT is working in conjunction with the MIS department on this project.  Plans are being made for the installation of approximately 50 student computers and a classroom smart board.  The Lab will be state of the art when completed.

• MOT is hard at work on preparing the exterior surface of the office wall at AHS in anticipation of the addition of a new Aztec mural!

• After the recent fires in the local mountains, MOT has worked hard to replace all the filters in the air conditioner units throughout the District.  This is a very large task considering the number of locations and air conditioner units there are throughout the district.  Thanks MOT for helping us to breathe cleaner air!

• Some nice upgrades are underway to the tennis courts and PE areas at AHS.  New seating benches are being installed and some new palm trees will be planted.

• The District Office has recently had some sprinkler upgrades and some winter grass seed applied.  Some nice azalea plants have also been planted.  Thanks to the groundskeepers, the lawn looks great.

• One of the restrooms at Magnolia recently received some new flooring.  The replacement of the floor is a great improvement for the students.

• The fire alarm panels at a couple of schools have received upgrades to ensure the system is operational.

• Gladstone St. had some new plants added near the office and multi-purpose for the Classified Employee of the Year Board meeting.  The plants look great!


Energy Saving Tips

Here are energy saving tips as well as information and links related to energy usage. We are striving to conserve energy as well as avoid costs in order to make a positive impact on the budget.

You can't possibly heat or cool the outdoors, so keep exterior doors closed as much as possible.  

When buying or replacing computers, copiers, and other office equipment, compare the energy requirements of various models and buy energy-efficient equipment.

Don't underestimate the energy savings you can get by turning off and unplugging unused computers, monitors, printers, copiers, and other machines and equipment when not in use. This simple approach can achieve big savings.

Get into the habit of turning off lights when you leave a room.

Use natural day lighting when possible and reduce or eliminate artificial lighting. Day lighting has been proven to have many benefits.

Contact Us

Darrin Howard, MOT Director

(626) 858-6174


Tom McIntosh, Maintenance Supervisor

EMAIL (626) 858-6174

Darrin Howard, Transportation Supervisor

EMAIL (626) 858-6175

Jose Escobedo, Custodial Supervisor

EMAIL  (626) 858-6174

Robert Zamora, Grounds Supervisor


Angie Acosta, MOT Secretary

EMAIL  (626) 858-6174



Bus transportation is provided to district pupils for a variety of programs throughout the district, including special education, field trips and athletic events. Questions regarding pupil transportation should be directed to Darrin Howard at 626-858-6175.