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Gifted & Talented Education

Azusa Unified School District serves Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) PK-12 students at 18 schools.  Each school has a site GATE Coordinator who ensures that GATE students are identified and receiving differentiated core curriculum enriched with other learning opportunities.  The district Director of College & Career Pathways assists the sites in providing the best opportunities for GATE students.


Azusa Unified School District uses the following indicators in identifying gifted and talented students:


Intellectual Ability

“A pupil demonstrates extraordinary or potential for extraordinary intellectual development.” (Title 5, 3822)


High Achievement

“A pupil consistently produces advanced ideas and products and/or attains exceptionally high scores on achievement tests.” (Title 5, 3822)


During grade 3, all students are screened using the Naglieri Non-Verbal Test (NNAT3).  Standardized test results such as SBAC are reviewed at the end of each school year.  NNAT scores in the Superior range or > 120 along with advanced results on standardized assessments will qualify a student for the GATE Program.


Parent and/or staff referrals may be considered and are subject to review by the site Student Support Team (SST).  Students identified in another district will be reviewed by the GATE Coordinator.  If a student is identified prior to grade 3, services will be provided by the classroom teacher with the support of the GATE Coordinator.


School action plans consider the site resources, number of identified students, and the recognized needs of the students.  Differentiated strategies and activities reflect the unique talents and expertise of each site’s students and staff.  Students are provided differentiated instruction throughout the school day.  The action plans include one or more of the following:


Clustering (Grades 3-8)

Students are clustered together in regular classrooms and provided appropriately differentiated curriculum through depth and complexity.  The site GATE Coordinator may provide the main instruction or will be the resource for other teachers. 


Enrichment (Grades 3-12)

GATE students have opportunities beyond the core curriculum to explore topics not usually offered.  This may occur before, during, or after school as a club.  There are several district-wide events provided for the students each year.


Advanced and Honors (Grades 7-12)

Students may take courses which incorporate accelerated pacing, depth, complexity, and novelty.  Successful completion of these courses is appropriate preparation for further advancement.


Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or Dual Enrollment (Grades 11-12)

Students may take college level courses to be eligible to receive both high school and college credit.


In addition to classroom enrichment and instruction, GATE students may participate in STEM Summer School, College courses, SAT/AP test preparation, field trips and college visits, and workshops.


For more information and to learn what activities are planned, contact the Site GATE Coordinator at your child’s school.